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Benifits of Reward Points System

Attract Customers

A rewards program is an amazing way to attract your customers and celebrate their loyalty to your Products. In this Program , you can issue the points to your customer on every shopping and after completing target you can give the gifts/rewards as respect.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

The Big and main benefits of a reward program is that it can convert first-time shoppers into loyal customers.Providing those who buy with rewards will keep them coming back and making more purchases.

Increased Revenue and Customer Spending

Customer's try to Achieve Target by Spending more on Every Bill. Track your customers' visits, frequency, money spent, and more valuable data.

Product Featuress

Access Any Device

No Device Dependency. Use it Anywhere | On Any Device

Privilege Cards

Issue Privelege Card to Customers. Just Use Card No at time of Billing

SMS Notifications

Customer will get Points Detail on Mobile by SMS

Easy to Use

It is very easy. Everyone can use this easily

LT Rewards

LT Reward points system is a platform for shopkeepers to maintain sweet , good and faithful relationships with new or existing customers. You can issue points to your customers on their every purchase and reward them on completing target .

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